Understanding of grammar, style, and punctuation in Ess

Understanding of grammar, style, and punctuation in Ess

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Today most of the college/universities make essay writing as a part of the course curriculum. There are some students think that writing assignments is an uninteresting activity. But keep in mind that essay writing is worth to the students. A good essay should include all the facts and data. And that is related to the essay topic you choose for writing. You can refer various reliable sources. Though, there are some students face difficulties in writing their essay. This is mainly due to lack of time to do research. And this research is required for writing the perfect essay. Likewise the students lack the writing skills. And also lack the good knowledge on how to organize the essay.

If you want to write a good essay then you must use proper grammar, style, and. You must have a good grip of them if you would like your essay to be well understood. Basic knowledge in grammar is extremely important. And you must ensure that you have it. You should know the basics of grammar. It must contain the subject and verb agreement. And it should also include proper articles, and pronouns usage. Your essay papers also have an excellent sentence structure.

Punctuation is one more element you have to know well. For example, you should know that using comma is important. It is used to divide sentences into various parts. This helps to improve the readability of your essay. It makes pauses and joins your thoughts on paper. Just keep in mind that commas are used with conjunction. You should also make use of colon. It is used to separate items in a list. This is only when one or more items have a comma. They will connect independent clauses and sentences. Using hyphens are good. This is mainly used to create a compound adjective. And it is used particularly when they precede a noun. Using this is not as strict as other type of punctuations. Using apostrophes are only when you are basically indicating possessive nouns. Periods are commonly used to put full stops. And this is mainly used to end a sentence. When used in abbreviations, they are referred to as periods.

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