Canada Student VISA - Process, Eligibility and Requirement

Canada Student VISA - Process, Eligibility and Requirement

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Canada Student VISA. How to apply for Canada Student VISA? Visa Application Documents for Canada Student Visa. Eligibility for Canada Student Visa
Student Visa
With Canada being one of the most promising destinations to study at, it has been a student magnet for students all across the world. Multiple undergraduate and postgraduate courses have been offered to the students opting to study here. Canadian Universities offer world-class facilities, quality education, best infrastructure, and so on.
Canada student visa requirement checklist:
One needs to be ready with the following steps to go abroad:
• Getting accepted by the university: One of the important and the initial point is to get accepted into the college of one’s choice without which one cannot proceed any further
• Province acceptance certificate: One requires a province acceptance certificate if the province university mandates it is situated in. This would fall under the first step of the visa requirement checklist. However, this is not mandated by all the provinces. One has to check the norms associated with a specific province carefully.
• Police clearance: One’s police records need to be cleared to travel abroad for any purpose. Minimal records, such as a mere traffic violation record, needs to be managed to get a certification.
• Presenting the funds: Student when applying to university in Canada has to be prepared with documents related to funds that would be used for studies. An amount of $833 would be required roughly, which includes the tuition fee and living expenses.
• Medical or fitness test: It is required to test an individual before flying to Canada. It is one of the basic norms which most of the countries follow to avoid health threats to their people.
Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements
To get Canada Student Visa one has to be a native English speaker; however, those who are not native English speakers have to go through a special English proficiency test. This test comprises of speaking, writing, reading, and listening English.
While the student has to score within the band determined by the Canadian university norms. The requirement for the undergraduate courses is 5.5 in all four sections with a combined of 6 to qualify for the student visa. Whereas for postgraduate courses, one has to avail 6 in all four sections with a combined score of 6.5 to avail for the student visa.
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